Monday, November 13, 2017


I love using BeWeather because of the beautiful icons sets you can create. The problem is, the app hasn't been updated for Android in over 4 years and the temps are inconsistent for me. Last weekend it was saying Las Vegas was 10 degrees cooler than it was. That's a big difference. So I decided to try using it for something else. I made a set of hearts and colored them with the wall I used in BeastyGirl. I set the app to update only by wifi and every 24 hours. Now I have a matching heart. It can changed based on weather condition. I set up different locations so I chose the heart I want.

Maybe it's a dumb idea but it works for me. LOL. If you try it, put it in your BeWeather folder on your phone.

Friday, November 3, 2017

DayWeekBar- Various Colors

Anotify- LOVE

I updated my Anotify app with lots of pink (and purple, teal, green, etc). Please ignore the category names and the actually icon names. All I did was replace the original icons with mine.

If you have the original app, uninstall first. If you have a modified copy you don't have to do that.